Stainless-Steel Frame and Rigid Mesh Stand Up to Your Critters

Create a customizable, animal-proof protection zone for your fruits and vegetables. This Stack & Extend Animal Barrier has a 5-year warranty. The gated stainless-steel frame and heavy-duty rigid plastic mesh are built to last and won’t flop, rust or rot like traditional deer fencing. Easy-access gate makes it simple to tend to your garden with no leaning or reaching. The sturdy design and premium materials will allow you to protect your garden while maintaining your curb appeal.

Connects directly to any Frame It All raised bed system. Since the barrier is raised you will have no issues mowing or weeding around the barrier, (as you would with regular netting or fencing).

The Stack & Extend Animal Barrier kit will protect a 4ft. x 4ft. garden to a height of 2 feet. Small animals like rabbits, cats and dogs are easily deterred at the 2-foot height. Purchase multiple kits to expand to any dimension, or stack to any height to deter deer.

With multiple kits, your options (and benefits) are endless. Stack them high to grow tomatoes or corn, and you’ll also enjoy the additional support the rigid frame provides for tall (and top-heavy) plants. Next season, if you want to plant a low-growing crop like strawberries, you’ll have several kits to use to extend for a long row of berries. The stable frame allows you to easily add bird netting over the top to keep birds out too.

Product Details

  • Stainless-steel frame. Rigid plastic mesh.
  • 4' Square x 2' H
  • 7 lbs.
  • Assembly required